Happy Birthday

Hello! It's day eight of Papertrey's 9th anniversary celebration. Today's challenge is called Color Pop Fortune Teller. I remember making these back in grade school. This is what the download looks like and you can download it at Nichole's blog.
The rules are simple.
1. Pick a number from the top flaps (2-5).  Be sure that number gets places on your left thumb when positioning the fortune teller.
2. Use our fingers to "flip" back and forth, according to the number of times you selected on your original flap.  The color that is showing on top of your left thumb is your first color.
3. "Flip" back and forth again, this time using the number of your birth month (ex. March-3 times, April-4 times, etc...) 
3. Lift that flap that ends up on your left thumb, and the two colors directly underneath the flap are your second and third colors.
I ended up with the colors Canyon Clay, Hibiscus Burst and Winter Wisteria.
I really didn't know where to go with this.
After some thought and a bowl of ice cream this is what I came up with.
Have an awesome weekend!

Beautiful Butterflies
Beautiful Butterfly Additions
Wood Grain Impression Plate


  1. Oh Rema, this turned out beautiful! And I love your thought process comment...having the bowl of ice cream obviously worked! I'll have to remember that one next time I'm stuck! Have a great weekend!! :0)

  2. Oh wow, Rema, this is gorgeous. Love it.

  3. I am definitely going to try the 'bowl of ice cream', this card is awesome :)